Vehicle Recalls: Why Consumers Don’t Take Action and What Dealerships Can Do About It

We all know how important vehicle recalls are for consumers. Correcting faults ranging from software problems that can cause a car to stall unexpectedly, to leaks that can cause a fire, to general safety concerns, you would think vehicle owners would be lined up the minute a recall was issued.


However, despite the huge number of recalled vehicles on our roads in the US, only a relatively small percentage of consumers actually bring their vehicles in to get the recall work completed and car repaired. Some recalls include millions of vehicles, while others include only a dozen or so, but every recall should be considered equally as important to both vehicle owners and your dealership’s service center.


Why should it be equally as important? Because every recall also offers opportunities for your dealership and service center. Opportunities like optimizing revenue possibilities, improved customer satisfaction, attracting new customers, and loyalty retention for life-time value clients.


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