The Unquestioned Data Advantage In The Dealership Buy/Sell Equation

Changes in the dealership buy/sell landscape are ever evolving. The economy, dealership performance, geographical differences, and new bills, laws and regulations all factor into the equation. Many dealers today describe the path for future growth as “harder” based on three critical areas: 1) competition from non-traditional dealers; 2) electric vehicles; and 3) digital retailing.


This article delves into the inescapable factors to consider when deciding whether to buy or sell, including:

• How to determine true dealership value

• Why bigger isn’t always better

• The importance of properly assessing the competitive landscape


The article also provides guidance for dealership groups and M&A firms regarding the kind of partners they should look for in their decision-making process, and how those who rely on data – not gut instinct – result in the most successful buy/sell acquisition strategies.

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