The Top Takeaways from Cox Automotive’s Annual Car Buyer Journey Study

The results are in from Cox Automotive’s annual Car Buyer Journey comprehensive study, which gives our industry a site-line into what today’s car shoppers say their wants, preferences and priorities are. And we think you might be just as surprised as WE were at the results from the over 10,000 in-market automotive consumers surveyed!


Based on what the auto shoppers shared, you’ll quickly understand the importance of aligning your business strategy with what consumers both want and expect, or risk losing them to a growing segment of brand defectors our industry is seeing.


So, let’s take a closer look together at the annual Car Buyer Journey Study Top Takeaways and how the results and these INSIGHTS can help you shape your business and strategy for a more profitable future.


With the power of Cox Automotive alongside you, we’re here to help you understand consumer behavior so that no matter what economic or industry hurdles there are in the short term, you’ll have the ability to overcome them for a smoother road ahead

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