In The Race To Connect With EV Shoppers, Data Is In The Driver's Seat

Auto buyers are putting the automotive world on notice: They’re serious about the EV future. By next year, U.S. auto buyers will have more than 130 EV models to choose from. How will they decide?


This article looks into answering that question, and what digital marketers need to do to capture the attention (and sales) of the growing EV audience, including:

• Letting data be your GPS in identifying where your EV market is growing

• Discovering how to use data to ignite your marketing

• Learning how to leverage the power of data to identify off-line sales and optimize your EV advertising


Relying solely on time-honored marketing traditions and principles can’t provide all the insights necessary to win in the EV future. Data, however, can prove to be the tipping point for creating the EV sales you’re after.

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