The OSF Digital 2022 U.S. Automotive Dealership Ecommerce Benchmark Study

The global automotive industry is projected to grow to just under nine trillion U.S dollars by 2030. During this period, new vehicle sales will account for about 38% of this value despite the pandemic supply chain disruptions.

The global crisis pushed digitization into fast-forward. U.S dealers must provide a compelling digital buying journey to attract more sales and provide modern customers with what they seek. This study shows that 95% of vehicle buyers are actively using digital sources of information and 83% of consumers buying a car want to shop online to save time.
A few keys takeaways from this research includes:

  • Automotive consumers visited an average of 4.2 websites during their purchasing process stressing the importance of a digital first approach to sales.
  • Only 5.5% of all dealerships had a 360-degree viewer feature, which consumers want most.
  • 79% of dealerships do NOT ’offer the ability to search vehicles ‘close to me’.
  • Barely 7% of all dealerships allowed consumers to pre-order a customized vehicle.
  • Email communications is the favorite consumer tool for asking questions.

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