New Series from Cox Automotive: Bridging the Gap – Your Power & Potential in Connected Data

Would you like to be one of the first to see and hear the new Bridging the Gap video + audio series Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and created to help their dealer partners?


Modern dealers know their dollars lie within their data.


But knowing what to do with that data is oftentimes another thing…


In today’s times, you need to know how to connect and activate the data and insights you have in order to convert them into profits. Bridging that gap is where the power and potential is.


Bridging the gap is more than a catchphrase; it's a strategy that can revolutionize how dealers operate when they learn WHAT those gaps are, and HOW to bridge them.


THE GOAL: It’s simple - to show today’s dealer how to modernize how they operate by learning what gaps are costing them power and potential in their marketing and business strategies and how to bridge them successfully. You’ll gain new ideas and an actionable plan you can implement to improve your ROI, online and in-store experiences, and overall marketing and business strategies by bridging the gap.


WHY IT MATTERS: When you’re not connecting your tools, solutions, data and insights and then activating them – you're leaving money on the table. Modern times call for new ways.


HOW IT WORKS: Over three days, launching initially starting 9/20, we’ll grant you access to daily 20-minute need-to-know, example-packed sessions. They’ll be available on-demand in both video and audio formats. You can watch, re-watch or listen to each episode at your convenience.


Register now and close out the second half of 2023 strong! Don’t miss your chance to join us for the new video