Kal Tire: Bringing Simplicity To A Complex Process

Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer as well as North America’s second largest commercial tire dealer.

The company was looking to offer an enhanced level of service to their customers in areas such as product selection, visualization and personalization, as well as in booking appointments with Kal Tire specialists for tire installation. The goal was to go above and beyond what is traditionally delivered in this industry.

Kal Tire’s website was first replatformed over to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. OSF then integrated their Retail.net POS system with Salesforce Commerce Cloud – making this the first storefront integration of these two technologies. The company is now equipped to leverage both the sales and customer service functionalities provided from each platform. The customer’s journey is fully supported at every step of the way.

The website features a sophisticated appointment booking tool backed by a geolocation feature that helps shoppers discover the closest store where they can obtain service. A guided path to purchase was created to help shoppers find the best products for their specific vehicle. Considering there are 150 different attributes to be evaluated, this can be a challenging process.


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