CXM 101: How Dealerships Can Do More With Their Data

Discovering the best uses for data is a challenge. That’s partly because data exists in different silos and isn’t analyzed. What would the customer experience be like if you looked at two or three data sources versus hundreds? Are you including real-time data, like time-stamped engagement and shopping behavior?

Your CRM should eliminate data roadblocks by securely collecting data from myriad sources and bringing it all into one place for daily analysis. The user gets a complete picture of each customer, allowing you to send the right offer at the right time. Your platform should provide all the relevant details, responsive to the dealership’s goals and the customer’s behaviors in real-time. Once you have the data, know what it is pointing to, and have something to offer the individual customer; who handles it? Is a phone call made or a text? Is an email sent? You might have the most lucrative data insights globally, but they’ll probably sit there if your team doesn’t feel empowered to act on them.

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