Competition for Sales Is Back — But Is Your Sales Staff Ready to Sell Again?

The sharp rise of U.S. new-vehicle inventory levels at the close of 2022 is being tempered with an affordability crisis, high dealership turnover rates, and the fact that many of today’s salespeople only started working at their dealerships during the pandemic. The path to dealership profitability is evolving and it starts with one thing – smarter, daily defection-based training.


Unlock the full potential of your dealership through the 3 benefits of daily defection data.


  • Support salespeople with near real-time feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Train salespeople on known lost opportunities when a lead defects.
  • Help salespeople pivot messaging to nurture relationships with defected customers and encourage repeat business with customers who defected within the same brand.


Using in-market leads can save time, save money and retain more salespeople – and having access to daily-defection data is where it all begins.

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