The National Automobile Dealers Association is celebrating its 100th anniversary and Automotive News has marked the achievement with special coverage that examines NADA from its origins to its future.



The First 50 Years

Politics & Influence


Auto retailers have been steadfast leaders through thick and thin

NADA's history is the history of the automobile industry. Retailers have always been an important part of business in America, and the franchise system is perhaps the biggest reason for the success of the auto industry in this country. ...

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Dealers' role will keep growing with high-tech products, savvy buyers

NADA is made up of mostly standalone dealers that long ago realized they were much stronger together. This industry association is one of the most powerful groups in America. It gives us great pleasure to congratulate NADA as its odometer hits 100! ...

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NADA's founding coincided with Americans' love of the automobile

U.S. mass production of low-cost cars in the early 20th century gave the automobile far more impact here in this country than it had anywhere else in the world. And 1917, NADA's founding year, was an inflection point. ...

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Dealers' perspective important for policymakers in Washington

Very few trade associations enjoy the respect accorded to NADA. This respect has been earned through decades of constructive, effective engagement in the public policy arena. ...

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Dealers must adapt to evolving industry

In many ways, the changes we have seen in our family automotive business mirror the evolution of the broader retail automotive sector over the last 100 years. As dealers, we have adapted to new technologies, changing consumer preferences and demographic trends. We must continue to adapt. ...

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Toyota hears dealer voice via NADA

I have been fortunate to work for more than 35 years in the U.S. auto industry, leading to my role today as partner with more than 1,500 U.S. Toyota and Lexus dealers. Just like on the football field, success in the auto business requires a commitment from all partners. ...

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What it takes to be chairman of NADA

“Dealers and OEM staff often ask me and former chairmen and NADA board members what it takes to become the chairman of NADA,” writes 2016 Chairman Jeff Carlson. Here's his response. ...

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When challenges abound, dealers do what it takes

From 2001-12, Phillip D. Brady served as president of NADA. Each year was eventful. In this column, he recalls some of the highlights. ...

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In a changing world, dealers will adapt

Forecasts of what the future will bring for dealers abound. What makes car dealers special is their ability to adapt to the changes taking place around them and, if need be, reinvent themselves in order to survive. ...

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Toughest times reveal NADA at its best

People in Washington often forget that the beauty of our system of government is rooted in the notion that our citizens get to choose how they are governed. As anyone who has run a business can tell you, Washington and the 50 state capitals can be dangerous places for business. ...

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NADA fought for dealers in darkest days

In February 2008, I began my term as NADA chairman. Mention that year to people in the auto industry, and their facial expressions will reveal the challenges it presented. ...

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Welcome to the NADA family reunion

There is little doubt that the yearly NADA conclave serves as a family reunion for the retail side of the auto business. At NADA, you see people you don't see anywhere else. ...

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Convention adapts to best serve dealers

NADA's convention and exposition this month will kick off the celebration of the association's 100th anniversary. New Orleans is hosting the annual convention for the 12th time since 1973. ...

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AutoNation's work with NADA helped shape today's auto retail industry

For 100 years, NADA has been the voice of dealers, from the halls of the federal government to the boardrooms of manufacturers. ...

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NADA and trade groups unite for dealers

As one of more than 100 members of the Automotive Trade Association Executives in the United States, I have had a front-row seat to watch how NADA works and all it has done on behalf of the nation's 16,000-plus franchised new-car and -truck dealerships. ...

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When challenges arise, NADA is there

NADA's leaders know that challenges are inevitable. My first major challenge arose in July 2012 when I was vice chairman. That's when then-NADA President Phil Brady told 2012 NADA Chairman Bill Underriner and me that he was resigning. ...

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Over the decades, NADA has created magic with dealership data

How did NADA change from a reactive organization like many others in Washington, D.C., to a powerful one that is able to anticipate issues? ...

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The resilience of local dealerships

I grew up in rural southwest Oregon in the 1980s and watched as our local timber manufacturing industry died off. Unemployment skyrocketed. Many of our family friends lost their jobs. Dealerships, however, remained strong. ...

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Excitement about the future comes standard for new NADA chairman

Like many other dealers, I am at my core a car guy. I get excited about product. I get excited about the year ahead. I get excited about the new store I'm opening. ...

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Franchised dealers today must leverage their customer information connections

For nearly 70 years from its founding, NADA had never published a book. But in 1984, the association's executive committee -- on a split vote -- gave the go-ahead to Betting on the Franchise: Car & Truck Retailing into the 1990's, written by Jake Kelderman and me. ...

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Industry Relations


Financial Crisis




Data & Investment

The Future

Past Presidents' Interviews

Pressing car companies to cut controversial stair-step incentives and lobbying Congress for fewer regulations. Those were just some of the items on Bill Underriner's to-do list when he served as National Automobile Dealers Association chairman in 2012.

John McEleney's friends jokingly say the auto industry 'went to hell' after he became chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association in 2009.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina's brutal winds and pounding rain spelled disaster for hundreds of dealerships in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. As National Automobile Dealers Association chairman that year, Jack Kain led the organization's relief efforts to support those members affected by the storm.

When Annette Sykora became the National Automobile Dealers Association's first female chairman in 2008, she walked into a perfect storm of economic recession, $4 gasoline and two automakers on the brink of bankruptcy.

2007 National Automobile Dealers Association Chairman Dale Willey has some advice for the trade group's future executives: Be good communicators and understand the needs of dealers.

David Westcott wasn't expecting to fend off the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2013, but that's what he had to do when the watchdog agency issued auto lending guidance addressing alleged discriminatory practices.

Former National Automobile Dealers Association Chairman Forrest McConnell believes dealerships have plenty of business to handle in their own backyards, let alone hundreds of miles away on Capitol Hill.

2015 National Automobile Dealers Association Chairman Bill Fox helped develop new guidelines to steer the organization as it approaches its centennial in 2017.