100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry, 2000

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    Diane Allen
    Chief Designer for Red Studio, an exterior-design studio, Nissan Design International Inc.
    Anne Asensio
    Director, Brand Character Development
    General Motors
    Kathleen Barclay
    Vice President, Global Human Resources
    General Motors
    Janine Bay
    Director, Vehicle Personalization
    Ford Motor Co.
    Jane Beseda
    VP, North American Parts Logistics Division
    Linda Thomas Brooks
    Executive VP, Managing Director
    GM Mediaworks
    Martha Brooks
    VP and General Manager, Truck and Bus Engine Business
    Cummins Engine
    Christine Bucklin
    Michelle Cervantez
    VP, Marketing, Jaguar Cars North America
    Ford Motor Co.
    Linda Chamberlain
    Executive Director, New Product Development
    Johnson Controls
    Joan Claybrook
    Public Citizen
    Sue Cischke
    Senior VP, Regulatory Affairs and Passenger Car Operations
    Joanne Cole
    Director of Engineering, Soft Trim Systems Comfort and Advanced Development
    Johnson Controls
    Barbra Cooper
    Group VP and Chief Information Officer, Information Systems
    Josephine Cooper
    President and CEO
    Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
    Chris Cortez
    VP, Fleet Operations
    Lin Cummins
    Senior VP, Communications
    Deanna Dickerson
    VP, Materials Management
    Guide Corp.
    Anne Doyle
    Communications Director, North American Operations
    Ford Motor Co.
    Irma Elder
    Elder Automotive
    Helen Emsley
    Chief Designer, Color and Trim, General Motors Design Center
    General Motors
    Rose Mary Farenden
    Director, Global Salaried Recruiting
    Ford Motor Co.
    Amy Farmer
    Plant Manager, Lansing (Mich.) Car Assembly
    General Motors
    Luann Floccuzio
    Executive VP and Managing Director, Detroit office
    N.W. Ayer & Partners
    Stacy Fox
    Senior VP, General Counsel and Secretary
    Visteon Corp.
    Lisa Frary
    Plant Manager
    Autoliv ASP
    Sheila Gallucci-Davis
    VP, General Counsel and Secretary
    Bobbie Gaunt
    President and CEO, Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd.
    Ford Motor Co.
    Sandra Gillespie
    General Manager, Production Control
    Ellen Gleberman
    Senior VP, Legal, Government Relations and Public Affairs
    Louise Goeser
    VP, Quality
    Ford Motor Co.
    Janet Mullins Grissom
    VP, Washington Affairs
    Ford Motor Co.
    Linda Hasenfratz
    Linamar Corp.
    Karen Healy
    VP, Corporate Affairs and Facilities
    Cynthia Conn Henderson
    Director, Manufacturing Quality
    Cynthia Hess
    Heartland Industrial Partners
    Mary Ellen Hyde
    Vehicle Line Director, Lifestyle Vehicles
    Ford Motor Co.
    Cindy Jefferson
    Director, Vehicle Procurement Operations, Europe
    Ford Motor Co.
    Eleanor Josaitis
    Executive Director
    Focus: HOPE
    Linda Judd
    President, Automotive Retail Group
    Maryann Keller
    President, Automotive Services
    Debra Kelly-Ennis
    General Manager, Oldsmobile
    General Motors
    Maureen Kempston Darkes
    President and General Manager, General Motors of Canada Ltd.
    General Motors
    Beth Kirkpatrick
    Executive Director, Marketing and Service, EDS GM North America
    Lisa Klein
    Executive Director, Global Vehicle Procurement Operations, Global Purchasing
    Ford Motor Co.
    Jan Klug
    Marketing Communications Manager, Ford Division
    Ford Motor Co.
    Carol Knorr
    VP, Marketing and Development, GMAC Financial Services
    General Motors
    Kim Kosak
    Director of Advertising and Promotions, Cadillac
    General Motors
    Maria Kremer
    Program Manager, Safety Electronics
    Siemens Automotive
    Anna Kretz
    Vehicle Line Executive, Vans and Crossovers, GM North America Car Group
    General Motors
    Jill Lajdziak
    VP, Sales, Service and Marketing, Saturn Corp.
    General Motors
    Linda Lee
    Manager, Women's Marketing and Product Office
    Ford Motor Co.
    Kathleen Ligocki
    President and CEO, Ford of Mexico
    Ford Motor Co.
    Christine MacKenzie
    VP, Retail Strategies
    Barbara Mahone
    Group Director of Human Resources, General Motors Truck Group
    General Motors
    Jean Mayer
    Executive Director, Customer Relationship Management, ConsumerConnect
    Ford Motor Co.
    Alicia Miles
    Ford Lead, Covisint
    Ford Motor Co.
    Linda Miller
    Manufacturing Director, Casting and Forging Operations, Powertrain Operations
    Ford Motor Co.
    Pat Moran
    President and CEO
    JM Family Enterprises
    Peggy Moylan
    Senior VP, Executive Management Director
    J. Walter Thompson
    Cherri Musser
    Chief Information Officer, e-GM and Supply Chain
    General Motors
    Lynn Myers
    General Manager, Pontiac-GMC Division
    General Motors
    Frances Oda
    VP, Sales Operations
    Kristin Odeh
    Director, Marketing, Sales and Service Systems
    Ford Motor Co.
    Dian Ogilvie
    Group VP and General Counsel
    Kathy Oswald
    Senior VP and Chief Administrative Officer
    Donna Parolini
    President and CEO
    International Business Development
    Helen Petrauskas
    VP, Environmental and Safety Engineering
    Ford Motor Co.
    Mary Petrovich
    President, Driver Controls
    Dura Automotive
    Nancy Philippart
    Group Director of Planning, North American Car Group
    General Motors
    Bonnie Price
    VP, Customer Service and Distribution
    Federal-Mogul Corp.
    Nancy Rae
    Senior VP, Human Resources
    Debra Sanchez Fair
    VP, Corporate Communications
    Barbara Sanders
    Director of Engineering, Advanced Development, Delphi Interior Systems
    Mary Schafer
    Director, Delphi Global Production Control and Logistics
    Susan Skerker
    Senior VP, Business Strategy and Corporate Relations
    Visteon Corp.
    Claire Skinnner
    Chairman and CEO
    Coachmen Industries
    Ingrid Skogsmo
    Manager, Global Environmental and Safety Planning
    Ford Motor Co.
    Anne Stevens
    Executive Director, Vehicle Operations, Manufacturing
    Ford Motor Co.
    Roseann Stevens
    VP, Global OEM Accounts
    Visteon Corp.
    Linda Taggart
    Group VP and Chief Information Officer, GMAC Financial Services
    General Motors
    Kathleen Taylor
    Director, Materials and Processes Laboratory, GM Research and Development and Planning
    General Motors
    Karenann Terrell
    Director, Business Connect
    Leslie Touma
    VP, Corporate Relations
    Lear Corp.
    Cynthia Trudell
    Chairman and President, Saturn Corp.
    General Motors
    Sue Unger
    Senior VP and Chief Information Officer
    Sheila Vaden-Williams
    Charlie Van Cleve
    Cindy Van Iten-Hurless
    Plant Manager, Van Wert, Ohio, Sealing Systems Group
    Federal-Mogul Corp.
    Liz Vanzura
    Director of Marketing and Advertising
    Volkswagen of America Inc.
    Barbara Vidmar
    Christine Vujovich
    VP, Environmental Policy and Product Strategy
    Cummins Engine
    Deborah Wahl
    Marketing Communications Manager, Lincoln Mercury
    Ford Motor Co.
    Jane Warner
    Managing Director, Global Automotive Industry
    Sharon Wenzl
    VP, Corporate Relations
    Elizabeth Wetzel
    Executive Vehicle Chief Designer, General Motors Design Center
    General Motors
    Rita Williams
    Gill Industries
    Carey Winkel
    VP, Sales, Marketing and Planning
    Guide Corp.
    Diane Zekind
    Director, Technical Services
    Hayes Lemmerz
    Kimberly Ziomek
    Global Sales Manager