Digital Advertising Specifications

General guidelines for all online advertising

  • DUE DATES: Ad creative must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days prior to campaign launch or impressions cannot be guaranteed and/or campaign launch may be delayed. Ad creative must be submitted to [email protected].
  • CLICK-THRU URLs: In addition to creative, please be sure to supply click-thru URLs for each piece of creative where applicable.
  • CHANGE REQUESTS: Creative or click-thru URL change requests require at least 5 business days' notice.
  • THIRD-PARTY AD SERVING: If the ad campaign uses a third-party ad serving system, please provide details (server name, username, password) of the third party reporting system to [email protected] to allow reconciliation and identification of any 3rd party reporting reconciliation.
  • RICH MEDIA: Rich media/HTML5 creative is accepted for all placements where third-party ad-serving is allowed. Click here for our complete rich media specs. If you need assistance with creating rich media ad creative, contact your sales rep.
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS: Click here to download the Automotive News Digital Standard Terms & Conditions.

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