Will Ford’s ‘concrete vision’ satisfy dealers, investors?

• 3/17/2018

Why Ford’s all-in push on hybrids and light trucks may require a little luck. Plus, Elon Musk’s sleepless nights, “painful” singing and unbridled optimism.

Glitz in Geneva, grit in Indiana
• 3/10/2018

Polestar, Aston shine in Geneva. Not a 'peep' from the Detroit 3.

Ford's bait-and-slice-switch?
• 3/3/2018

Miami slice: A saucy debate over's Ford's 'autonomous' pizza-delivery...

Stability at Sergio's house, a shakeup at Ford's Glass House
• 2/24/2018

Will Sergio's successor be a product, numbers or turnaround guru?;...

Canada, cars and coffee
• 2/17/2018

What plateau? Canada's auto sales are booming. Protecting 'Silicon Valley north' talent. Why some Canadian dealers set up shop in the U.S. One Hyundai exec's poor stickhandling skills. Plus, a controversy is brewing.

Super Bowl auto ads hits and misses
• 2/10/2018

Should Ram's MLK spot be applauded? Toyota's emotional ads fail to take off; while Hyundai gets 'kudos'. Kia Stinger promo is a 'brilliant' concept. FCA's 'scattered' messaging. Dodge Hellcats take a joyride online.

Why diesel won't die
• 2/3/2018

Fume tests on monkeys, humans still won't kill diesel. UAW-FCA scandal: Union's foundation at stake. Honda's Passport play. Plus, a 'hell' of a Chevrolet Blazer.

How GM's Cruise AV could steer future robocars
• 1/27/2018

Is GM cruisin' ahead of the autonomous pack? Waymo is the 'dark horse' to watch. Why Tesla is better off without Musk. Skidding in a Stinger. Plus, clipping the wings of flying cars

Ram's ammunition against rival Silverado
• 1/20/2018

From the Detroit auto show: Why the new Ram 1500 is like 'sitting in a Tesla,' Silverado keeps us guessing; Ranger, Bullitt hit, Forte, Veloster and Jetta miss. Plus, Molly McQueen on learning 'difficult' stick shift.

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Ram, Chevy prepare for Motown showdown
• 1/13/2018

Detroit auto show picks up the pace with new Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado; Ford loads 2018 Mustang Bullitt; Lutz, Clinton and other Motown memories; Why the CES ecosystem 'needs a flush.'

Crossovers to crush cars in '18?
• 1/6/2018

CUVs outsell passenger cars; Lincoln bounces back; Tesla remains a niche player; F-150 stays No. 1: We make industry predictions for 2018.

Unifor's Jerry Dias: 'Frustrated' members made a point in '17
• 12/23/2017

Unifor President Jerry Dias: GM's CAMI plant was the 'poster child' for NAFTA's problems. Plus, is the Dodge Demon naughty or nice?

GM or Ford: Who's ahead in the self-driving car race?
• 12/16/2017

Heavyweights GM and Ford duke it out in the robocar ring. Why Tesla's electric semi is 'hauling hopes and dreams.' Plus, how Buick is standing out in a sagging sedan segment.

Lincoln vs. Cadillac in old-school luxury battle
• 12/9/2017

Lincoln and Cadillac square off in a big SUV clash. Plus, Audi's appeal and BMW's potential path to the top.

How Lincoln, Mazda, Range Rover scored in L.A.
• 12/2/2017

L.A. Auto Show standouts: Lincoln's Nautilus name, Range Rover's 'green vibe' and Mazda6 styling. Plus, the puzzling Jeep Wrangler plug-in hybrid and head-scratching Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Grateful for Tesla, Dodge and manual trannies
• 11/25/2017

Elon Musk, the horsepower-happy Dodge brand and stick shifts: Things we are thankful for. Plus, finding value in the gas-gauge arrow.


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