Tesla, Hoerbiger settle in court over falcon wing doors

Tesla and the U.S. subsidiary of Swiss auto supplier Hoerbiger agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by the EV maker over problems with a proposed hydraulics system for the luxury Model X's "falcon wing" doors, court records show.

Jeep uses Cat Stevens song in unifying debate ad

Just about the time Republicans and Democrats will likely be yelling over who won ...


Germany's automakers will use the Paris auto show to highlight their latest battery ...

China has an appetite for European talent

When Mini chief designer Anders Warming abruptly bid his employer goodbye in July, it was a surprise -- and it stung.

Infiniti: Q60 is ready for midsize coupe resurgence

Infiniti goes for a wow factor with its redesigned Q60 coupe, with a sleeker body design and more powerful engine choices.

Canada 'working closely' with auto industry to bring investment, minister says

Canada is working closely with automakers to increase investment in the industry, the nation's top economic development minister said today, welcoming the agreement reached between Canada's Unifor

'End of the beginning' of Volvo revival

Volvo Car USA has turned a corner with two of its four 90 series vehicles on sale and two others due early next year, says its CEO.

Audi seizes on Clinton-Trump debate with new ad

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won't be the only man and woman dueling on TV on Monday night. Audi is seizing on the highly anticipated presidential debate by running a new ad showing two hotel

Partnership forms in the parking lot

Traffic data supplier Inrix has agreed to provide data for the mapping app Waze that will help drivers find a parking spot more quickly. The partnership pairs Inrix with Waze's owner, Google, a

Beepi's new service will buy older cars

Beepi, an online used-car marketplace that competes with dealerships, is looking to expand into older used cars. The new service, called Beepi Blue, will buy those cars from private individuals and

Let's talk about free trade and jobs

Until we seriously address the issue of retraining laid-off workers and revitalizing hard-hit communities, the anxiety and anger we're seeing in this election will continue.


When the creative minds behind BMW's Vision Next 100 sat down to conceive an autonomous driving car of the future, their approach was something of a revolution for the century-old company. Instead of

In the know and at the show

Car companies are smart to give closer scrutiny to their auto show spending. Some are skipping the expensive show exhibits -- as Ford is this week in Paris -- and in some cases they're relying on

Intel exec: In-vehicle content delivery to be $5 billion industry

In-vehicle content delivery figures to be a major emerging business opportunity.

Takata's search for a savior could drag into next year

The plan to sell beleaguered Takata to a rescuer, slated by year-end, is likely to extend into next year as some bidders want to drag the airbag maker through bankruptcy to wipe out most of its debt,

Dealer's hard line on recalls is costing him

At his Florida Toyota dealership, Earl Stewart implemented a hard-and-fast ban on selling used cars with unrepaired safety recalls. He won't even wholesale used cars with open recalls. It hasn't been

September Equinox

The 2018 Equinox, unveiled aptly on Sept. 22, will be the first compact crossover offered in North America with a turbocharged diesel engine, according to General Motors.

Cadillac offers a way out, not a push

Cadillac says it isn't trying to push small dealers out. It's just giving them a simpler alternative to what brand boss Johan de Nysschen warns will be a “long, arduous and challenging journey.

This cab-forward truck for emerging markets comes in a box, like Ikea furniture

Legendary Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray, who also created the first McLaren road car, has turned to a new project, a truck for emerging markets that comes pre-packaged in a box, like IKEA

Detroit 3 to skip step en route to autonomy

Detroit 3 technology chiefs say their companies plan to skip a major step on the path to autonomous vehicles.

Self-driving input: Put safety first

Here's how other some key stakeholders are reacting to the regulators' approach.

With a new president, a shift in winds of regulation?

Key pieces of President Barack Obama's regulatory and policy agenda will soon be handed over to a new administration. And where they go from there could have big implications for the auto industry.

Renault-Nissan will allow Microsoft to plug cars into the cloud

Microsoft agreed to provide cloud-computing services for cars made by Nissan and Renault as the manufacturers push ahead with developing connected vehicles.

In and out: How Lichte is reshaping Audi design

When Marc Lichte took over Audi's design department in February 2014, a sense of stability returned to an operation that had suffered from considerable friction -- and a new styling direction.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack: Rugged variant targets Subaru

Volkswagen's family of Golfs gets a taller and more rugged sibling with the October arrival of the Golf Alltrack.

Winterkorn more closely involved with VW's cheating, paper says

Volkswagen Group's former CEO, Martin Winterkorn, approved a plan to disclose only partial information on the automaker's software rigging to U.S. authorities, a German newspaper reported, citing

'Autonomous is one everyone's mind'

Adient, emerging as an independent company as Johnson Controls spins off its seat-making operations, plans to make a big play in the autonomous vehicle space.

Detroit star Busse takes it slow at Centro Stile

After 10 years designing in Detroit, Klaus Busse says he's been careful not to meddle with the controls too quickly in his new job running Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' historic Centro Stile studio in

Big auto shows forced to share the spotlight

Nissan's effort to grab headlines with a solo launch event in Miami shows how automakers increasingly are weighing alternatives to the major international auto shows.

Hyundai union stages first full strike in 12 years

Hyundai Motor's South Korean labor union staged its first full nationwide strike in 12 years today over stalled wage talks, putting the automaker's earnings and sales targets at risk.

Ex-refugee is right at home selling cars

When Ron Marhofer Chevrolet hired Bishnu Rai a year ago, it gave the group an opportunity to grow sales among the Bhutanese and Nepalese that have immigrated into the Akron area. Rai is on track to

VW considers small crossovers for U.S.

Volkswagen is pondering a growth plan for North America that includes expansion of its portfolio to lower segments, particularly small crossovers.

Between a rock and a hard place

The ongoing contract talks between the Detroit 3 and Canada's Unifor union expose a real dilemma.

How do you pick buy-sell targets?

In today's buy-sell market, which franchises would you buy? Adviser Erin Kerrigan's choices might surprise you.

Why Cadillac's head-turners don't turn up on the road

The Cadillac Escala Concept - star attraction at Monterey Car Week in California last month - suggests the future of Cadillac styling, says Mike Simcoe, General Motors new head of global design. But

Next-gen Jeep Compass surfaces in Brazil

Spy photographers in Brazil caught the next-generation Jeep Compass in the middle of a photo shoot completely undisguised earlier this month.

Why does politics leave this industry so tongue-tied?

For the third consecutive presidential election cycle, the automotive industry and its business practices have been thrust into the middle of a political fight.

Outside help eases burden of tech r&d

Diversified companies are finding that far-flung businesses may be a secret weapon in developing new automotive technologies.

Audi's r&d boss leaves amid emissions scandal inquiry

Audi's head of technical development, Stefan Knirsch, is leaving the carmaker, as investigations continue into parent Volkswagen Group's diesel emissions scandal.

Takata interiors unit being sold to Piston Group, sources say

Piston Group, the auto supplier owned by former NBA star Vinnie Johnson, is expected to acquire Takata's interiors subsidiary, Irvin Automotive, sources familiar with the deal said.

Hundreds of recalled Takata airbag parts ruptured in testing

Hundreds of Takata airbag inflators pulled from cars in the auto industry's biggest recall later ruptured in testing, showing the potential risks to drivers.

Texas fairground set for pickup battles

Texans' love affair with the pickup truck is being put to the test as the economy softens, dragged down by Houston's contracting energy sector and a strong dollar weighing on the state's sizable

With global debuts, Nissan makes the most of Miami

Nissan felt the Miami International Auto Show was an ideal spot to reveal the Rogue because it's a prime market to reach Hispanic buyers. Nissan is among the leading brands for Hispanic consumers,

Aston: DB11 Volante due in '18

Aston Martin will launch the convertible Volante version of the new DB11 coupe in spring 2018, the company announced on Twitter.

Bolt a chance for GM to atone for EV1 error

In the 1990s, bottom-line-focused leadership killed GM's EV1.

Jeep uses Cat Stevens song in unifying debate ad

Just about the time Republicans and Democrats will likely be yelling over who won Monday's presidential debate, Jeep will run an ad that, perhaps impossibly, seeks to unite the country.

Bigger 7-seater for Subaru

Subaru is trying again with a new seven-seat crossover that will replace the ill-fate Tribeca in 2018.

Autopilot upgrade aims beyond driver safety

Tesla Motors' most recent Autopilot upgrade does a better job of reminding drivers that it doesn't put the car in self-driving mode and that it's actually more of a next-level cruise-control setting.

54 bits of brilliance found on modern vehicles

To understand the genius of the modern car business, have a look at modern cars. Here is a sampling of design elements and wildly imaginative features found in cars and concepts unveiled in the past

First Shift: Strikes cripple Hyundai production

Strikes cripple Hyundai output; Unifor ratifies GM pact; Report: VW's Winterkorn withheld details from U.S.; Traffic tech; For some dealers, sales plateau means time to get out.

Tesla, Hoerbiger settle in court over falcon wing doors

Tesla and the U.S. subsidiary of Swiss auto supplier Hoerbiger agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by the EV maker over problems with a proposed hydraulics system for the luxury Model X's "falcon wing"

VW marketing chief sees opening with immigrants

Volkswagen figures Hispanics migrating to the U.S. likely are familiar with the brand when they arrive.