Sales are sexy but service is key to profits

I've heard the claim: "It all starts when you sell a car." But is that still true? Is it worth losing money on that sale in hopes of gaining a service customer?


For AutoNation's Jackson, Huizenga was a boss, motivator and friend

In 1999, Wayne Huizenga made Mike Jackson an offer he couldn't refuse. Jackson recalls his relationship with the AutoNation founder in a conversation with Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein.


EVs? Bring 'em on

Dealer Wes Lutz, the incoming NADA chairman, is unfazed by the prospect of a massive shift to electric vehicles.

BLOG: Edward Niedermeyer
Elon Musk is today's Henry Ford -- that's bad

By reworking vehicles after they come off the line at its assembly plant at a dedicated remanufacturing facility, Tesla is taking automotive manufacturing back to dark ages.

BLOG: James B. Treece
EVs? Bring 'em on

Dealer Wes Lutz, the incoming NADA chairman, is unfazed by the prospect of a massive shift to electric vehicles.

BLOG: Michael Martinez
With latest Navigator, Lincoln shifts the mundane out of this world

The Lincoln Navigator has been one of Ford's most successful launches in recent memory because of exquisite attention to detail. That may be best represented by the digital cluster, where even a mundane task such as switching drive modes is an experience thanks to a handful of moving graphics with interstellar themes.

What's wrong with fair trade?

Simply eliminate all tariffs and let everyone compete on an equal footing. That sounds good in theory, but there are still many nations that want to protect their auto industry regardless of the state of its maturity.

COMMENTARY: James B. Treece
Even online, people are the key

In a brave new world of online vehicle sales and subscription services, the overwhelming importance of hiring and retaining the right people remains.

Safety regulations need attention

The update to the New Car Assessment Program ratings system will be a big part of the future for inspiring the auto industry and must be perfectly clear to increase our driving safety.

Jackson ignores back of the store

AutoNation's Mike Jackson looks only at the front of the dealership (sales), just like most other dealers and chain store operators. As such, he is not paying attention to the back of the store (parts and service), where losses in warranty and policy dollars continue to mount.

The death of the diesel auto

Very few folks in North America will mourn the death of the diesel automobile. Meanwhile, some European governments have decided that diesels — as well as all gasoline engines — must go. The auto industry is again in flux.

Trump can't be trusted on trade

We're relieved to see members of Congress voice concerns about President Donald Trump's destructive trade policy, but it will clearly take more voices of reason to get through to a man who thinks trade wars are "good, and easy to win."

BLOG: Richard Johnson
Opel's void stirs ghosts of Genevas past

In Detroit, they can't stop talking about Mercedes-Benz's decision to skip the auto show next January. But stranger for me was walking into the Palexpo and not seeing Opel at its accustomed spot.

BLOG: Christiaan Hetzner
Audi seeks social media buzz with e-tron Geneva tour

Audi is seeking to cause a stir by driving 250 of its electric e-tron SUVs through Geneva while the city hosts the annual auto show. The automaker is asking residents to take snapshots of the pre-production crossover and post them on social media to drum up a buzz ahead of the car's launch later this year.

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