For Fiat Chrysler, anybody but a Cerberus

Chinese ownership of FCA is far more desirable — in terms of the U.S. economy and employment — than the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors that FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne unsuccessfully tried to engineer in 2015.


BMW knows what it doesn't know

BMW is planning combustion, hybrid and electric versions of its key nameplates and will make them all capable of rolling off the same assembly line. BMW is smart enough to admit that it does not know, and so it is trying to maintain its flexibility.

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BLOG: Nick Bunkley UPDATED: 8/15/17 3:35 pm ET - adds reactions
Should Barra join CEOs quitting Trump panels?

As President Trump seemingly stumbles from one crisis to another, GM and CEO Mary Barra find themselves mired in a major public-relations dilemma.

BLOG: Mark Vaughn
Infiniti Prototype 9 pays homage to '40s-styled racers

Infiniti may not have a vaunted motorsports pedigree but that hasn't stopped designers from creating a retro-looking race car and showcasing it at the year's most elevated celebration of automotive engineering, performance and design.

Broken promises harm employees

As I've had a chance to read about Michelle Savoy I can readily see how one can find oneself in her situation.

Where are all the other mandates?

In public health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not prescribe, under threat of penalty, a date by which pharmaceutical companies shall produce a drug to immunize against a certain disease. With cars, it's different.

Let’s continue Mallon’s work

If there was ever a dealer you could call Mr. NADA, it was Bob Mallon, and I cannot begin to count the times I have repeated to myself his famous phrase, “in perpetuity.”

Drivers who text must be stopped

A “textalyzer” is a great idea. The state police are either not able, or just aren't interested in, cruising the interstate roadways to ticket texters.

BLOG: David Phillips
For Toyota, it's all about newcomer status

Some governors probably shouldn't bother making a quick call to Toyota City or Plano, Texas, home to Toyota's new North American headquarters, to land America's newest auto factory.

COMMENTARY: Krishnan M. Anantharaman
The transition to electric is inevitable. Let's begin it.

Old-fashioned gasoline-powered vehicles commanded somewhere north of 95 percent of the U.S. vehicle market last year. But Americans don't love the internal combustion engine any more than an Iowa cow loves to eat corn.

Major changes in the wind

Whether you're manufacturing vehicles or supplying components or in the business of retailing automobiles, your world is about to change profoundly.

BLOG: Hannah Lutz
Used sales bring F&I opportunity

Most of the six public new-car dealership groups focused on the growing used-vehicle market in their second-quarter earnings calls. That could be a plus for their F&I results.

BLOG: Jesse Snyder
Same game, new rules

The U.S. auto industry has crossed over from expansion to contraction. The general U.S. economy is still strong and building, but for the folks who build or sell light vehicles, it's increasingly clear that seven years of sales growth is ending.

BLOG: Richard Truett
How disruptive will the engine's demise become?

There's a lot at stake, far more than just replacing a gasoline or diesel engine with an electric motor or a fuel cell powertrain, as governments around the world move to reduce emissions.

No excuse for second-class treatment

If the allegations detailed in Michelle Savoy's EEOC complaint are true, they reflect a corrupt corporate culture that should embarrass the leaders of BMW and serve as a wake-up call to the entire auto industry.