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Research & Insights

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2021 Top Suppliers in North America, Europe and The World

Most of the industry's biggest parts suppliers took a revenue hit in the year of the pandemic.

Examing the Global Chip Shortage

Views on navigating the global chip shortage, its impact and mitigating future disruptions.

2021 Top 100 Retailers by Used-Vehicle Sales

The list showed some top-five shuffling as online upstart Carvana passed two top dealership groups.

2021 Top 150 Dealership Groups

Dealership consolidation in United States has picked up steam during pandemic.

2021 Directory To Israeli Automotive And Mobility Startups

Israel has emerged as a hotbed of innovation in the automotive and mobility worlds as well as the broader business of making things. The 54 companies represented here all responded to an Automotive News survey and are part of a broader community.

2021 Automotive Talent Study

There’s a new front in the war for talent, and for some automotive companies the winning strategy could center on freelancers in highlyskilled areas like data science and software engineering. Learn how professionals in the industry are thinking about freelance talent and glean insight from the experts at Toptal.


Research & Insights