Recognizing breakthrough Innovation for 30 Years

To celebrate 30 years of PACE, in-person site visits have returned for the finalists of PACE Award!

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Honoring Automotive Ingenuity

Recognized worldwide, the PACE Award celebrates innovations that redefine industry standards. If your innovation has been sold to a customer, join us in honoring the innovators driving automotive innovation forward.

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Automotive News

Igniting Future Innovations

Designed for pre-commercialized innovations, PACE Pilot offers a gateway to transforming automotive and future mobility landscapes. Join fellow innovators as we pave the way into the next generation of automotive technology.

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Judged by esteemed industry experts, the Automotive News PACE program has been a beacon of inspiration for innovators, technologists and visionaries. Join us in celebrating the past, present, and future of automotive excellence.

Hear From Past Winners

“Being able to share the technology in an open fashion with someone who is not a customer or an internal stakeholder – someone who is purely looking for a sign of a great game-changing technology - is what makes the Automotive News PACE Award unique, and, in my opinion, highly respected.”

Jason Lisserman

Vice President, Integrated Safety Solutions, Joyson Safety Systems

PHOTO: Pyrotechnic battery disconnect for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

“Our patented technology that won the PACE Award changed the benchmarking business. What was once dominated by static pictures and metadata of vehicle subsystems became an engineering process. Suppliers could run their simulations and cost analysis using Caresoft’s digital-twin OEM. This is what our customers wanted, not pictures. And the PACE Award for Caresoft took the message to the world.”

Mathew Vachaparampil

Chief Executive Officer, Caresoft Global Technologies Inc.

PHOTO: Digital twin of the new Austin-built Tesla Model Y, which has two Giga Casts and no battery floor. This was prepared using the PACE Award-winning Digital Twin technology developed by Caresoft Global.© 2017- 2024 Caresoft Global Technologies, Inc.

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