Volvo EX30 imain frontal shot 3.jpg

Volvo EX30

Segment: Compact Premium Crossover
NEXT STAGE: New in 2024

The China-made compact crossover arrives in the U.S. in the first half of next year. The EX30 sits atop the Sustainable Experience Architecture platform, which underpins vehicles from other Geely Group brands. The crossover has a wheelbase of 104.3 inches. Its design allows for a smaller, less expensive battery without compromising its driving range. A low hood and air curtains up front and a roof drop in the rear reduce drag and boost energy efficiency.

A 69-kWh battery delivers 275 miles in the single-motor version and 265 miles in a dual-motor performance variant. TheĀ 
EX30 battery can charge to 80 percent from 10 percent in 26.5 minutes.

In 2024, Volvo plans a more rugged EX30 with a Cross Country variant, tricked out with skid plates, black panels on the front bumper and trunk lid and a small, hood-mounted Swedish flag.

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