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Rejected Chrysler Dealers

U.S. Court of Federal Claims Docket No.: 11-100 C

In the litigation commenced on behalf of rejected Chrysler dealers against the Federal Government, which seeks money damages for the uncompensated "Taking" of dealership contract rights in violation of the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, two recent Court decisions have cleared the way for dealers to pursue their claims.

By Order of Judge Robert Hodges of the Court of Federal Claims in Washington D.C., the motions of the U.S. Department of Justice to dismiss this important litigation have been denied and the Court has directed that the case proceed. Every one of the 789 rejected Chrysler dealers should read the two (2) recent Federal Court Decisions and understand the significance of these victories. This is a final opportunity to recover the full value of the dealership that was "Taken" from you and gifted to others. We will not rest until every Auto Task Force member and Chrysler Executive is required to testify under penalty of perjury and every Chrysler Dealer who joins this litigation is compensated for this travesty of justice.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. This is NOT a class action lawsuit.The deadline to join this case is expiring. Whether you settled with Chrysler or won your arbitration you still qualify.

Our litigation team includes Roger Marzulla,Esq., former Asst. Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice under President Ronald Reagan, in charge of all Government "Takings" matters.

¶ Affordable low flat fee/contingency arrangement. Payment plans considered.

If you are interested in joining this litigation please email:

[email protected]

Leonard A. Bellavia, Esq.

Bellavia Gentile & Associates, LLP.

(516) 873-3000

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