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California Dealers Turn Your Dealerships Traffic into Profits

Dealers all across the country now Own and Operate an Auto Insurance Agency within their dealerships turning foot traffic into "Profits" by selling Auto Insurance at "Point of Sale" creating an additional profit center and extending relationships with customers beyond the traditional sales and service environments.

You spend the - Time Effort and Money to bring customers to "your" dealerships.

• To sell and service cars yet, someone else sells your customers' auto insurance.

• To sell financing, yet, someone else sells your customers’ auto insurance.

•To sell service and parts yet, someone else sell your customers’ auto insurance.

• Someone is going to write this business - WHY NOT YOU?

After all, it's your customers mainly responsible for this multi-billion dollar industry.

To find what dealers across the country know contact:

Domenick Pupo Senior Vice President

RPM Auto Dealership Brokerage program

561 756-5039 | [email protected]

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