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General Manager – Retail Automotive Dealership; I am a disciplined and consistent dealership general manager with over 18 years of dealership experience, a visionary in the area of recruitment, team building and leadership. Laser beam focused on the BIG PICTURE while inspecting every detail, relentless forward thinking professional who believes that every obstacle is an opportunity. Inspiring the team to take ownership of our goals; to "own" the wins and the losses, we push while others rest and we understand that failing to exceed a customer’s expectations is FAILURE. I was taught that you must always raise the bar, after every mile stone is reached; you reset your goals and calibration and RAISE THE BAR. I am involved with a Digital Dealer group; I am also in AutoTrader.coms dealer think tank. I don’t embrace the digital future, I live in it. Grow or Die! Most importantly, I know that it’s mastering the basics that make us successful. [email protected]