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We have $250,000.00 to $750,000.00 available to purchase dealership. Must be a strong location. Previous performance does not deter. Ideal scenario for a seller to receive full price for the store while saving big on taxes. Must be reputable seller. I am currently the most profitable General Manager per capita in America. Consistently #1 for 17 yrs in metro, rural & multi line. We can purchase as minority with Motors Holding or any other manufacture. I am looking for someone with Christian values who can step away & be bought out now or over 72 months. I am netting huge money therefore no deal is too large. This is your chance to exit while being paid full MSRP. Location must have a strong Catholic school for my daughter! Please contact me if you wish to talk. Confidentiality assured Send inquiries to

[email protected] Reference Box # 6059

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