Cadillac Celestiq

Segment: Premium Luxury
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The Cadillac Celestiq, a sleek, futuristic-looking five-door electric sedan can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.8 seconds. All versions are equipped with front and rear electric motors, for 600 hp total. Rear-wheel steering and all-wheel drive is standard. Cadillac estimates driving range will be more than 300 miles. The Ultra Cruise hands-free driving system comes standard.

The car's 190-kilowatt DC fast charger can put 78 miles of range in the 111-kilowatt-hour Ultium battery pack in just 10 minutes. The Celestiq comes equipped with adaptive air suspension and its underbody is made from just six aluminum "mega-castings." Body and interior consist of 300 fabricated pieces and 115 3D-printed parts.

It will be hand-built in small quantities at GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Mich., and start in the low $300,000s. No two Celestiqs are expected to be alike, and buyers began working with a Cadillac concierge service this summer to customize their vehicles.

The price puts the Celestiq in direct competition with the least-expensive Rolls-Royce sedan, the Ghost, which starts at $340,000.

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