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We are pleased to present the latest Automotive News special supplement: Reimagining Retail, brought to you compliments of MAXDigital.

It seems like everything in the auto retailing business is changing, all at once. The way cars are made, marketed and sold is being transformed in the digital world.

The expectations of today's car buyers are changing, too, and dealerships recognize the need to offer a sales process that is more in line with the way customers want to buy a car.

Reimagining Retail offers the framework to re-create the path to purchase in your dealership – and, in the process, increase customer satisfaction, improve how the sales staff functions and protect your hard-won profits.

Download the supplement today – here's what is waiting inside:
  • Tips for infusing trust in the trade-in process
  • Training and tech strategies to help reduce employee turnover at your dealership
  • Advice for driving customer satisfaction with a transparent sales approach