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A Legacy in a New Light

Twenty-five years ago, General Motors kicked off the modern age of electric vehicles
when it rolled out the EV1.


25 years ago, GM rolled out the EV1, a triumph of electrification that
ended in a crushing blow. But the car planted the seed for the industry embrace
of EVs now. Here’s how those who lived the saga remember it.


10 cool things

From tire-pressure monitoring to pedestrian warning: here are EV1 innovations we take for granted today.

After the EV1

The years since the rollout of the EV1 brought many changes for those involved in the project.

A legend among his peers

Colleagues of longtime GM engineer Jon Bereisa remember his larger-than-life personality and major contributions to the industry’s electrification efforts.

EV1: A visual journey

EV1 gallery

Twenty-five years ago, the EV1 hit showrooms. It was the first car of the modern age that was designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle for consumers. Here's a closer look.


EV1 cutaway

The EV1 featured many technologies considered advanced for their time.

What could have been

Triax gallery

GM had a plan beyond the EV1, but many times plans just don't pan out. Here is a look at the Chevrolet Triax, the EV2 that never was.

GM, CARB skirmished over ZEV rules

The Impact concept set a mandate in motion, and compromises followed.

Bold and turbulent times

A glance at key dates in the life and death of the EV1 and milestone developments involving electric vehicles.

Ep. 1 | Behind the Saga

Reporters Pete Bigelow and Hannah Lutz tell listeners how they tracked down more than 30 key players to weave together the story of GM's EV1.

Ep. 2 | Hollywood Glamour

General Motors’ flashy launch of the EV1 helped generate a loyal following of celebrities and environmentalists. But when GM slashed the ad budget, it faced a backlash.

Ep. 3 | A Craftsmen Build

Maureen Midgley, first plant manager for the EV1 at the almost boutique-style Lansing Craft Centre in Michigan, describes manufacturing the largely handbuilt EV1.

Ep. 4 | Cultivated. Then crushed

After working as an EV1 leasing agent, Chelsea Sexton became the leader of a group of enthusiasts who tried to save the car. She recounts her topsy-turvy experience.