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What does battery development look like in the EV era? Where do the raw materials come from, and are they readily available? Finding the right answers is a huge yet crucial step if automakers intend to keep their EV promises.


Automakers hunt for battery materials needed to be EV leaders

Getting enough of the metals needed to achieve ambitious EV sales goals is a complex, time-consuming quest.

Don't expect a 'moonshot' on EV battery technology

Billions are being spent to improve battery safety, durability, power capabilities and charging times. It's not going to happen all at once.

Anatomy of a lithium ion battery

Battery manufacturers and automakers are working to create a lighter, safer, cooler and more energy-dense battery.

EV battery boom sparks need for locally sourced metals

As battery production expands in North America, so too will the sourcing and processing of key metals that are mined elsewhere today.

Rebuilding GM’s supply chain

The supply chain GM has to build as it transitions into a lineup of mostly electric vehicles will look very different than it does today.



At a toxic lake in Calif., enough lithium to transform North America's EV industry

Geothermal deposits at the Salton Sea may provide much of the element necessary to revolutionize the U.S. electric vehicle supply chain.

Porsche is out to reduce battery-making's carbon footprint

The German luxury sports car maker is developing a new battery that it says will pack more power, charge faster and have a lighter carbon footprint.

EV battery makers would like to move away from cobalt

Cobalt is a critical element in lithium ion batteries. But scarcity, price and human rights concerns have made its elimination critical to the EV transition.

Making lithium extraction quicker, cleaner

Companies are using a new method that can obtain the metal in days or weeks instead of years, with less environmental impact.



EVs' global supply chain isn't so pretty

Companies find themselves at a legal and ethical crossroads as human rights and environmental abuses in the EV battery supply chain come to light.

Blockchain tracking ensures responsible battery sourcing

Ford, VW, Volvo and Tesla are among the automakers using technology to understand exactly where cobalt and other materials they use in EV batteries come from.

Battery recycler Li-Cycle prepares for ‘big opportunity and challenge'

Battery recyclers have overcome much of the skepticism that battery cells developed with recycled materials could match those made with virgin metals.

As EV prospects ramp up, Tesla veteran JB Straubel tears batteries down

Deconstructing old batteries and reusing their contents will play a linchpin role in the EV future.


GM JV with Posco Chemical to open N. American cathode plant in 2024

Today, most cathode processing is done in China, leading to a significant carbon footprint for battery cells that are later built in the region.


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