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What does battery development look like in the EV era? Where do the raw materials come from, and are they readily available? Finding the right answers is a huge yet crucial step if automakers intend to keep their EV promises.


Automakers hunt for battery materials needed to be EV leaders

Getting enough of the metals needed to achieve ambitious EV sales goals is a complex, time-consuming quest.

Don't expect a 'moonshot' on EV battery technology

Billions are being spent to improve battery safety, durability, power capabilities and charging times. It's not going to happen all at once.

Anatomy of a lithium ion battery

Battery manufacturers and automakers are working to create a lighter, safer, cooler and more energy-dense battery.

EV battery boom sparks need for locally sourced metals

As battery production expands in North America, so too will the sourcing and processing of key metals that are mined elsewhere today.

Rebuilding GM’s supply chain

The supply chain GM has to build as it transitions into a lineup of mostly electric vehicles will look very different than it does today.

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