Magna Closures


Magna Closures has developed the SMARTLATCH, the first fully electronic side door latch in the market. The SMARTLATCH removes all mechanical latch system components, replacing them with smaller, lighter wire harnesses and push buttons. The new system includes an onboard ECU that includes power backup capabilities and provides additional functions like diagnostic, LED control, passive entry, crash and post-crash safety and capability for a soft close function for automatic door cinching. The new double pawl mechanical strength module also is able to reduce drastically the energy and loads required to release the door in all situations. Locking noises and high handle efforts are eliminated creating a quiet and smooth operation inside and outside of the vehicle. The SMARTLATCH benefits include potential weight savings of up to 11%, cost savings of up to 8%, improved safety with automatic door unlatching post-crash, a reduced number of components, sound quality improvement and the flexibility to be used in any type of car.