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Low Pressure Oil Pump Assembly for Transmission Dry-Sump Lubrication

The majority of transmissions use a "splash lubrication" method to provide lubrication to gear sets. These transmissions have an oil pan that is always filled, with gears that dip into the oil. But turning gears in oil generates friction, which degrades transmission efficiency. In a dry sump system the gears do not dip into the oil. A pump is used to direct the fluid out of the pan into a distribution tank located on top of the transmission. Oil flows by gravity onto the gears. Dry sump lubrication systems have existed for years, using positive displacement pumps driven mechanically or by electric motor.

FTE's new EP20 features an inexpensive, lightweight, low pressure centrifugal pump, which can be switched on or off on demand, and which provides real time diagnostics to the TCU through its integrated LIN controller. Most of the components are composed of plastic materials, which is novel in that a portion of the pump assembly is nested inside the transmission and subject to a corrosive environment.

First application is Audi's 7-speed DCT.