Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies

Exhaust System Adaptive Valve™

Driven by CAFE fuel economy requirements, OEM’s have incorporated fuel saving technologies such as cylinder deactivation and high gear count with lower displacements. These strategies present challenges of increased low frequency noise that is readily apparent unless additional measures are taken. Unlike traditional approaches Faurecia’s Adaptive Valve™ enables fuel-saving powertrain strategies while offering refined NVH with reduced package space (10-15L) and system mass (5-10 Kg).

The Adaptive value addresses NVH concerns by presenting gas flow with a variable restriction. This suppresses low frequency acoustic energy. This extends the operating range of the cylinder deactivation mode, yielding further improvements to fuel efficiency beyond what is possible without the value. It also eases the transition in and out of cylinder deactivation modes, making it imperceptible to vehicle occupants.

The Adaptive Valve™ was initially launched on General Motor’s Full Size Hybrid. Other products and OEMs are adopting the Adaptive Valve™ technology.