Delphi Automotive

Dual Role Hub

When Apple announced CarPlay™, iPhone users couldn’t wait to buy a car with an infotainment interface that was intuitive and mirrored how their IPhone worked. The problem with the CarPlay™ integration came when a driver wanted to access music on another device, play video on a passenger’s tablet or listen to music on a passenger’s Android phone. The iPhone running CarPlay™ wanted to operate as the sole “host” device taking control from the car radio and denying access to other devices. Delphi solved it – at a lower cost, in a smaller package and with all functionality - by developing a custom USB ASIC chip, allowing the iPhone and car radio to be recognized as “host” devices simultaneously.

Delphi's Dual Role Hub solved this vexing problem by developing a ”Smart Media USB Hub”, that allows not just only a single Apple device, but allows any device plugged into the multi-port hub system to be a "host." Now one passenger can watch a movie on an SD card, while another watches a movie off a handheld, while the driver uses the system for navigation, phone conversations, or just listens to their music. Delphi developed an amazingly elegant and cost effective solution for a complicated problem in the world of vehicle infotainment systems.

Delphi will capture 40 percent of GM, Ford, and Chrysler products globally, representing 10 million units and their technology is ready to reach every OEM around the globe!