Volvo Car Corp. for partnership with Delphi Automotive

Volvo Car Corp. for RACam integrated radar/vision system with Delphi Automotive

Volvo continues to build upon its strong brand as a leader in safety systems. Volvo’s mission statement includes, “that nobody shall be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo by 2020.”

European regulations now include collision avoidance features in their test assessments and the Delphi innovation addresses this requirement. Their RACam (integrated radar and vision system) is targeted to achieve five stars in ratings – 100% of available Advanced Driver Assistance Systems points in the European safety assessment (Euro NCAP).

In the collaborative effort to commercialize the Delphi safety technology, Volvo provided Delphi with its safety database. Volvo’s use of the RACam represents the sixth generation collision avoidance system built upon the long-term relationship forged between Volvo and Delphi.