OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Black flat multi-chip family for mass market

Launched in 2015 on the Audi A6, OSRAM's OSLON Black Flat Multi-Chip LED is a new family of forward automotive lighting LED's that is the first to utilize Surface Mount Technology to dramatically lower the cost and improve manufacturability of automotive LED lighting assemblies to the point where LED forward lighting is cost competitive with Xenon. The new OSLON chips deliver the highest efficiency in the industry (luminance @1A), lowest power consumption, smallest dimensions, best scalability (a single chip can have anywhere from 2 to 5 LED light sources depending on the design, and it’s the Black Flat shutter edge that minimizes light source bleed over (Allowing a multi-segment chip to provide low beam and fog lamp applications). The total performance of the OSRAM OSLON Black Flat Multi-Chip LED now offers "life of head lamp performance", opening up thinner and even more "sealed" design options and configurations to automotive lighting designers than previously available.