Magna Closures

Pure View seamless sliding window

Magna International developed the first seamless sliding glass application for the rear window slider on the new 2015 Ford F-150. Called the “Pure View Seamless Sliding Window”, the innovation has several advantages over existing sliding glass systems, including a sleek flush appearance that was highly desired by Ford, a common attachment scheme of both fixed and slider applications, significantly improved sealing, water leak performance and visibility, is 4.5 % lighter, and is easier to assemble due to fewer parts. The Pure View Sliding Window has a single piece of glass with a hole in it. Center glass tracks are offset behind fixed glass that allows reduced depth and the clean flush appearance from the outside. Pittsburgh Glass Works was the glass production partner for developing a technique to cut a hole in the window using high-pressure water jets. Pure View also offers the capability of continuous defrost in all positions over the existing generation where the defrost is interrupted when the window is opened.