Federal-Mogul Corp.

Low Friction DuroGlide® Piston Ring Pack

A key goal in developing new internal combustion engines is improved fuel efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions. Engine friction is a major barrier to achieving these goals. The piston ring pack contributes up to 25% of the friction loss in the power cylinder. The challenge for OEM's is reducing friction loss without compromising oil consumption, while mastering increasing demands on piston rings due to increased power density, smoother cylinder bores, reduced lubrication, and the use of alternative fuels.

Federal-Mogul developed DuroGlide® to support OEM's in overcoming these challenges. The new ring pack uses an innovative low-friction amorphous carbon-based coating. They are produced using new patented technology and manufacturing processes. Engines using DuroGlide® piston rings have demonstrated friction loss reductions of up to 20% and fuel economy and CO2 improvement of up to 1.5%. These new piston rings provide the high durability and scuff resistance needed in high power density fuel-efficient engines.

A significant number of OEM's have adopted or are testing DuroGlide® piston rings in their engine programs.