Continental Automotive

Multi-application unified sensor element (MUSE)

Continental is the first and only supplier to integrate multiple sensor functionalities into one unified element through use of a programmable ASIC replacing a dedicated IC. The MUSE programmable insert is targeted for active crankshaft position sensors, camshaft position sensors and transmission speed sensors. Due to the high level of design and manufacturing concept standardization, this product greatly reduces time and investment for development and validation testing, resulting in substantial development cost savings of 30-50%+. The time to market Continental can offer to OEMs can be halved or more when fully utilizing all the benefits MUSE provides. Unlike competitors' sensors, MUSE typically does not require the use of rare earth materials, eliminating exposure to the cost risk in the rare earth market. End of Line programming allows the MUSE to be fine-tuned after engine evaluation and calibration, saving OEMs valuable time during engine development. By integrating a number of applications into one single sensor element, the MUSE provides flexibility to accommodate late or in-cycle specification changes. First application is on the Hyundai 2.0L GDI engine and 2.4L TDI engine beginning January 2014.