BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems

Front-wheel drive electronic limited-slip differential (FXD)

Volkswagen introduced BorgWarner's FXD on the 2014 Golf GTI as the world's first application of electronic limited slip on a front-wheel drive vehicle. The FXD presents a cost-effective solution that improves performance during cornering and lane changes, boosts traction, and enhances vehicle dynamics. Initial collaboration between VW Motorsport and BorgWarner evolved into an innovation suited beyond racing, for production vehicles as well. The FXD features BorgWarner controls and proprietary clutch actuation which directly controls the front differential to effectively distribute maximum available torque to each wheel. Even more profound are the opportunities that FXD presents when the technology is applied as an alternative to AWD. BorgWarner's FXD answers a growing industry interest in a package that allows FWD vehicles to achieve very similar driving dynamics to AWD vehicles (without the associated expense, package, fuel penalties and weight), giving this innovation a wide range of future applications.