Dow Automotive Systems

BETAMATEā„¢ Epoxy Structural Adhesive for Durable Bonding of Untreated Aluminum

In order to meet a strategic customer's future requirements Dow Automotive Systems had to innovate a new structural adhesive. The BETAMATE application 73326M/73327M is an in-seam 2-part epoxy structural adhesive for bonding untreated aluminum for truck cabs in conjunction with self-piercing rivets. This was an industry first. The process made dramatic improvements in body in white durability and service life for PACCAR trucks. The Dow seal application made the aluminum subassemblies and cab framing joints both air and water tight while also reducing vehicle noise. The added structural stiffness improved truck cab better in crashworthiness. The Dow formulation required a unique balance in cured adhesive properties and attributes that enabled flexibility in the PACCAR manufacturing process. The result was a cab structure that is 20 pounds lighter while larger in size and cost avoidance savings in the millions.