Continental Automotive

Chassis and Safety Business Unit - Pressure Sensor for Pedestrian Protection (PPS pSAT)

Continental's innovation is the first of its kind to address the Euro NCAP and JNCAP requirements for pedestrian protection. Their air pressure (pSAT ) sensor system using two sensors, together with a flexible tube mounted behind the vehicle’s front fascia activate when a pedestrian is struck, thereby lifting the hood of the vehicle slightly to help reduce the impact and injury to the pedestrian through energy absorption and deflection of the impact across the surface. Simpler than competitive systems, Continental's pSAT offers a low-cost, flexible option that allows for implementation of this technology with no major design changes while offering significantly reduced weight and part count. Rather than multiple sensors or straight line fiber optics solutions, Continental innovation requires just two sensors and a flexible silicone tube permitting design flexibility, full frontal coverage as well as resulting in a significant weight reduction and a cost reduction of approximately 50 percent.