Autoliv Inflators Sweden

“Green” Airbag Inflator

Most Airbags use the explosion of pyrotechnic chemicals in a hardened combustion chamber to create the gasses that inflate an airbag. Autoliv’s new airbag uses the simple combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen to produce a faster, lighter and smoke free inflator. Rather than smoke and harsh chemicals as byproducts, an annoyance to both passengers and first responders, the Autoliv “green” airbag produces pure water. Some “hybrid” airbags also use oxygen and hydrogen as propellants, but they also rely heavily on pyrotechnics. The Autoliv innovation represents a collection of new inventions that enable the airbag to function: separate storage of hydrogen and oxygen, a small mixing chamber where the elements are ignited, a proprietary method of initializing the combustion, combustion continuing in the bag itself to speed up inflation, all requiring new industry standards. Manufacturing and materials innovations were required to allow hydrogen storage and insertion. The net result: a better, less costly, lighter, more friendly airbag, saving lives and saving money.