Air Intake Module with Integrated Water Charge Air Cooler (for Diesel emissions reduction applications)

Valeo's new water charged air cooled intake module, code named WCAC, has several innovative enhancements compared to the traditional air-to-air coolers, including higher cooling efficiency in a smaller package, performing as a structural part of the air intake module. Plus the WCAC system integrates the throttle body, a high pressure EGR valve and an EGR distribution channel within the manifold outlet flange.

The integrated EGR valve mixes exhaust gases with cooled charged air for homogenous distribution into the cylinder heads. The module is assembled directly onto the cylinder head for shorter charge air routing, reducing turbo lag during acceleration. The WCAC's coolant plates are comprised of a specially developed aluminum alloy material that is resistant to EGR corrosion. Introduced first on the Volkswagen 4 cylinder 1.6 and 2.0 L TDI modular engineers, the WCAC played an important enabling role in meeting worldwide emission regulations, and in downsizing of the engine for improved fuel consumption without loss of power.