Schuler Inc. - Hydroforming Division

Hydroforming and Global Die Standardization Process

Schuler has created a hydroforming process that delivers a more economical approach to a global standard process for hydroform component production. The process delivers a global die design, stabilized and lower cost die development, increased material utilization and a leading edge ability to process emerging high strength steels. The new die development process creates a die that can produce the same parts, with the same process, on the same dies, anywhere in the world. These simple, yet revolutionary process improvements make hydroforming more economical than ever before, allowing more freedom for automakers to apply this technology for new light weight designs and better structural integrity. To make this concept a reality, Schuler collaborated with Ford Motor Company. Through this collaboration, Schuler trained 200 Ford team members, helping the company achieve new innovative structural designs with greater cost savings, higher material utilization and improved structural integrity for their current and future platforms.