Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

Metal Seal Fitting

Zero HVAC leaks is a goal for all OEM's, especially as the need to reduce refrigerant emissions grows. Halla Visteon's new zero-leak Metal Seal Fitting takes the industry a big step in that direction. Indeed SAE now uses the MSF as the "zero leak" standard, qualifying for US environmental credits.

The Halla Visteon Metal Seal Fitting maintains its zero leak capability in the real world of assembly plants, where contaminants, misalignment, and tightening errors can cause other fittings to leak. In service, a shop mechanic can retighten the Halla Visteon MSF without losing the full refrigerant charge, rather than needing to replace the fitting, delivering lower costs to the customer and lessening the environmental impact. First launched on the Ford Taurus and Lincoln MKS/MKZ, it will be standard on all Ford vehicles beginning with MY2012.