Electro-Hydraulic Controlled Flow (ECF) Water Pump

OEMs face unprecedented engineering challenges to improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines, ICEs,

ICEs exhibit high levels of fuel consumption and emissions at cold start. The goal is to reach operating temperature as soon as possible. Existing mechanical driven constant flow water pumps circulate coolant during warm-up, dissipating heat from the engine delaying the time to reach optimal temperature.

GPM GmbH solves this problem with its Electro-Hydraulic Controlled Flow Water Pump, ECF. The ECF is the first mechanically driven water pump capable of continuous flow control. It enables the fastest possible engine warm-up and can be an important part of an ICE thermal management strategy.

A unique axial piston "pump within a pump" uses coolant to generate the hydraulic pressure to actuate a flow control slider. The pump also eliminates all external control valves with the only connection being the control signal.

For Volkswagen's TDI Engine, ECF implementation contributed to a 2% improvement in fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction.