Federal-Mogul Corp. – Powertrain, Bearings and Ignition

IROX® – Highly Effective Coating for Engine Bearings

To meet customer demands and government regulation vehicle OEM's are seeking improved fuel efficiency and reduction of CO2. They are looking at many options such as turbocharging, downsizing, hybrids and engine stop-start management strategies. Each of these increases mechanical loads and lubrication challenges for engine bearings.

Federal-Mogul addressed these challenges by developing an innovative polymer coating for bearing shells. Called IROX®, the new technology reduces friction and withstands the increased mechanical loads and addresses the lubrication challenges by protecting bearing shells and crankshaft from damage where metal-to-metal contact would otherwise occur. In these applications, it is estimated that the IROX® overlay can increase bearing shell life by more than five times.

IROX® extends the applicability of existing aluminum and copper based bearings as well as the use of cost-efficient crankshaft materials, like nodular cast iron, to higher specific loads. These innovative metal sleeve bearings provide OEM's a design alternative for many powertrains that provide improved fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 Emissions.