Valeo Wiper Systems

VisioBlade® System

Valeo's VisioBlade®, introduced on the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL, is a high-efficiency adaptive windshield washer system that uses internal ducting and an intelligent pump to distribute washer fluid along the leading edge of the blade. The VisioBlade system is at the heart of Mercedes Magic Vision Control's intelligent wash programs that tailor the use of washer fluid in winter, summer, high speed and Cabriolet (top down) scenarios to maximize driver safety and visibility while using the least amount of washer fluid. Valeo's precise spacing, laser-cut discharge openings along the entire length of the blade, and the intelligent pump allow Valeo to deliver dramatically improved cleaning performance while using half the cleaning fluid of conventional systems. Mercedes leveraged VisioBlade's performance and efficiency to reduce the washer reservoir in the SL by 1.7L with a corresponding CO2 emission friendly 1.7kg weight reduction. Mercedes will also offer a heated version of the VisioBlade that eliminates the ice/snow buildup on wiper blades in harsh winter climates.