PPG Industries, Inc.

PPG Industries, Inc – PPG's Premium B1:B2(TM) Compact Process Paint Technology

PPG's B1:B2 "compact" paint process allows the color coat to be applied directly over the base coat in the same paint booth, eliminating the intervening bake and inspection steps of a legacy paint shop. The substantially reduced footprint is ideal for new auto plants and plants being renovated, saving car manufacturer tens of millions of dollars in capital expenditures.

In addition to lower up-front costs, the compact process reduces energy consumption by 30% in the paint shop while lowering emissions, water use and cycle time per vehicle. The B1:B2 process thus results in significant cost savings per vehicle at no sacrifice in the quality of the final finish, using a waterborne process with zero VOCs. PPG's innovation is a game changer: virtually all new paint shops in Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe will henceforth be "compact".