Lear Corporation

Lear Solid State Smart Junction Box™ (S3JB™)

"Connected cars" need new smart ways for connections within the vehicle's increasingly complex electrical and electronic distribution system. Lear has created a junction box with multiple innovations so that vehicles in all global markets can have a smaller, lighter, more reliable, lower cost, more flexible, solid state, configurable way to manage electrical power. The ability to configure the entire electrical system late in the launch cycle permits the addition and subtraction of components more efficiently without changing the entire electrical system.

Lear' S3JB junction box has 1) integrated solid state fuse technology to eliminate relays, 2) created a new package that no longer has to be accessible from the driver compartment which decreases nuisance calls and lowers electrical device warranty returns, 3) created and installed a smart software logic with detailed diagnostics to permit a "fail safe operation," and 4) designed a single state board design with patented thermal aspects that permits multiple system and device connections and various configurations to ease manufacturing processes. The Lear S3JB fuseless junction box is the heart of the electrical system on Fisker vehicles.