Ford Motor Company for its partnership Dana

Active Warm-up Heat Exchanger with Integrated Thermal Bypass Valve

When Ford Motor Company started looking for ways to improve fuel economy that were cost effective and practical they sought out Dana. Over a 10-year period Ford and Dana worked together to refine improvements in heat exchange possibilities. The knowledge that heated fluids have lower viscosity and that improves engine and warranty performance, led the collaborative Ford and Dana teams toward "active heat management' systems. As other performance measurements were added, such as lower emissions and CO2 reductions, the teams added other break through innovations including aluminum heat exchangers and ultimately a system with an integrated thermal bypass valve that can vary the fluid flow to also provide cooler flows when needed.

With new EPA Fuel Economy labels and new testing cycles, there is increased visibility of the fuel economy savings from active warming for consumers. Fuel economy improvements in the "city cold start" cycle improved 3-4% using the Dana system with integrated thermal bypass. Ford is using this innovation on 2012 Ford Edge and Explorer with the 6F35 gearbox.